Hello! Im Stella and my nickname is Apuy.  ( its a chinese name for chubby or fat).

Im turning 40 years old this year and i have 4 kids.  This picture was taken years ago which i cant remember. All i know is that they are all taller than me now.  And 3 of them are teenagers.

I decided to have a blog and be a blogger. i realized that i have so much things to write , share and hopefully i get to inspire people.    Hope you will enjoy whatever i will share. Dont judge me , but your comments and suggestions are all welcome.  😊


3 thoughts on “#lifeofPUY

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Apuy! I’m sure a lot of people our age are going through this right now. So many people chase dreams and get drowned in the hustle and bustle of the chase that they forget to stop and smell the roses. Our lives were given to be lived. It’s great to have dreams and strive to attain them but in the end, we will all realize that it is not only the end that is important, but also how we enjoyed the journey.

    Stay happy! 😘


    1. Hi hungry mom!!! May i ask for your name? Thank you and im glad that you liked it. I hope that you you can share this to our friends. It is my mission to empower women and hopefully everyone. Goodnight


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