My hashtag was supposed to be #hindiakomataba and this is the profile pic for that subject.  I have been eating salad for 2 weeks and i feel like a kambing or a horse already.  But i know its best for me. I collated this pics because i am thinner than them 🙄

As my friend Steven got senti because of his family , ( he is leaving his american life and coming home to be with his nffs, bffs and with his mom), I also got senti while on the plane going to mindanao for a day trip. My siblings and i thought of throwing a surprise party for her birthday this July. And since its her 70th, we want it to be “Bongga” but we are pretty sure that all of us will cry that night, we all know why.  We dont regret having a simple stressed life here in Manila, i dont regret refusing my dad when he offered me to manage a business  in the US that was supposed to be built for me after my wedding and mostly, I dont regret spending time with her during weekends.  My children has to see the value of family even if we are already grownups even if my dad passed away more that a decade, we never felt that he left us. Everytime we are sad, problematic, we go to Bulacan cemetery to whisper everything.  Just like the old times and it feels so good. 

My mom is a nagger, strict, kuripot and has favoritism.  But on the bright side, she may be as donya as she can be.  She prepares food for all her children until now, she provides whenever we needed anything  and she loves us more than herself. I guess thats what makes all the moms the best moms. #ilovemommy because I just wanna be like her when I grow old.  

I love the Jollibee commercials and the tribute for the mothers this time hit me the most.  #tandersmoments


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