Taking a well deserved break here in Osaka! 🍙   I cant wait to bond and spend time with my mom and with my family. 

Last week, one of my very good friend papa E texted ” Life is short dont make it shorter pa . Live life ehehhehe. ”   It was not long ago that i realized that i should do this.  I even posted it in my IG so i told him to remind himself about this.  

As we graduated college, our main goal is to have a good life. To be able to do this, we must find a good job or a good business.  We work hard, harder and most of the times, hardest to be able to have a lot of money.   Then when we get older, we spend your money for your medications because of the sickness you incurred while working too much. Then we die, forgetting about living our life. (I know you have read this somewhere, i just cant remember where.  I plan to just share the entire write up here)

For me, having a good life and living the life is being happy and contented.   Whatever you deserve will be given to you. Need is more important than WANTS. If you work hard, then it will be granted. If you live life, everything will be okay and sometimes, more than OK.  My priority are my children’s and my future that is to be there when they grow old and get to see my grand and great grand children.  ❤️😊


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