Im back!  Alive and kicking! 

Its been a rough road for me the past few weeks. I was not in my normal state weeks ago.  Until i met one of my dad’s counsin from Switzerland, Auntie Giselle.  

She asked  me to accompany her for a lunch date so she can introduce me to her vice chancellor of csb friend. Then after that we had coffee and an “intense” bonding!   

She accussed me of “underselling” myself.  I was speechless and thought of it for awhile. She was telling me that after all my recognitions, success, why be a lecturer, why would i want to work in a corporate world, why work for somebody else and not just open a new business or do something else which I can earn more rather than be an employee. A tear almost dropped and finally, i said, been there done that.  

I was not tired of anything. I said that i just wanted a simple job and live a life.  I thought that if i continue doing what i did for the past 20 years, i might be just like the literal “devil wears prada.”  I never thought that she looked  at me that way.  She is so proud of what i have become, what i did to my first love.  She said that not everyone can do the same thing.  Its really passion and hardwork that drove me during that time.  

So she said that “oops, i misunderstood your humility to underselling.  Now, i know better. ” 

Nbff steven
I have been thinking about it since then.  I shared it with my new best friend too.  I was missing my old high school and college bffs who all left me since they all chose to live abroad.  Its always not the same when you are with new and old friends.  But what i realized when my nbff and i had dinner is that no matter how long you have known someone, its really how the new people opens their hearts to you. ❤️

Today,  I will be visiting the “lechonland” and iloilo on friday for a talk about mindsetting of an entrep.   Maybe this is a start of my “life starts at 40”.  To be a lecturer and share my experiences.  Aside from that, i have been the dra. Love to all my friends back home! Most probably, this is my calling. 😊.  It make me happy and my heart is fuller every after my lecture!  ❤️


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