Being jobless made me realize that I was missing a lot of things!   Specifically living a LIFE.  I took “TIME” for granted. If I work in the family business, i get to travel to these beautiful places. But stress will never end.  If i do not work and just be a “raketera”,  (I have […]

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Early last year, I woke up with wounds on my front scalp. I alternately rubbed VCO (Virgin coconut oil ) and ACV ( Braggs apple cider vinegar) on my scalp before taking a bath. It took me a week before I got well. I was afraid I might have “poknats” since I have short hair. […]

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Hello! Im Stella and my nickname is Apuy.  ( its a chinese name for chubby or fat). Im turning 40 years old this year and i have 4 kids.  This picture was taken years ago which i cant remember. All i know is that they are all taller than me now.  And 3 of them […]

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